Lovely Gazelle® is far from a revolutionary idea, but might create a revolution of ideas. Lovely Gazelle® is branding an idea, an awareness. An awareness of the universe, and how we all are part of it. Does money, fame, or power interest you? Are you a hippie/hipster? These things interest us, but only to the point of using these tools to pursue a greater cause.

Encompassing all things creative and “cool” – Film, Fashion Music, Charity, Lifestyle… Reality. Concept, Execution, Growth. Want to see the world? Have others see YOUR world? All is possible. Feed the children, feed the world, feed the soul, be part of universal change.  We know, please bear with us.

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

What is Lovely Gazelle?

A global art project? A charity? NGO? Lovely gazelle is all this and more.

We are a hot kiss on a snowy moonlit night, on top of Mt. Everest. We are the sunshine of your life, before the sun even rises. Whatever. Lovely Gazelle® will turn you onto and into the “best of the best”. You in turn will do the same, or you can close your eyes and pretend to be blind in world of color. There’s no point in settling. Life is best lived for the right things. Take all your jealously-guarded personal numbers and call them, text them, there is more to life than the private party in the hollywood hills, the rented yacht in cannes, the super-fantastic runway show in paris, or what paparazzi you hire to take your next “compromising” shot/shots.

Lovely Gazelle® will open doors for those who wish to go through them. A slow motion avalanche of communal concerted endeavors.

(We may seem high on a horse, or grandiose in our aspirations, but the truth is we just want to fly free without any pretense or boundaries and want others to do the same).

[the sunshine of your life]

Your positive energy means more to the world than all your fleeting awards and misplaced ambitions…

What matters? At the end of all the achievements, the end all those self-congratulatory parties, the end of your life, did you DO something to increase the awareness of those around you as to what may be more to the point in the larger sense? Together, we can take our talents and love to push a greater goal. We will use each other. Why do one when you can do billions?

If you share the same ideals, you are invited on this ride. There’s so much more out there. Cult of personality only lasts for so long. Fame is fickle, money is a tool, and those who cow tow to it are the largest tools around.

Everything lovely gazelle® is involved with, from film, art, music, fashion, tech, to whatever the hell it is, all the proceeds will go to a suitable cause that we feel makes a difference. As we evolve we may become our own non-profit charity, or not, but always giving back to the universe as opposed to taking.

Globetrotting, helping people, enrich ourselves and those around us. We need your help, so please reach out and do something worth more than the platinum tiffany diamond, or the “lambo” in monte carlo.


Our Projects

We worked with a few NGO’s/orphanages based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We worked with the kids and the staff to give them the tools and knowledge to help them run the NGO’s more efficiently. And above and beyond that, showing the kids support, love, and hopefully enriching their days. The NGO has since closed, displacing the kids all over cambodia, some with family, some with other NGO’s. We kept in contact with a dozen or more of these kids, and we continue to help out and guide them on their life journey.

We are in the process of starting an NGO of sort, to give back all the things we take for granted in the western world. This is a slow organic process; we are looking for the right location, people, and focus. We anticipate to get this up and going within the next years.

So if you, your mother, your neighbour, your lover, anybody would be interested in helping these kids individually we can make sure that any donation gets to them on a monthly bases...if not...wait until we are up and going as a proper NGO/non-profit.

After working at the NGO for over 1yr and half and developing meaningful and real relationships with many of the kids. We decided to make two feature films and have the kids help out, either in front or behind the camera.

A film program of sorts. A film program to give the kids a new understanding of what it is to make a film, realize a vision, work hard and see the fruits of their labor.

We created two feature films with our team from all over the world, part of planned trilogy. “A Cambodian Winter” & "Hail Tiger King" We have been in serious post-production, like forever, raising money to move forward. The first film is getting ready for its world premier in 2020, and we anticipate to have the 2nd film ready for the 2021 film festival circuit.

The principle kids from the countryside are the leads in the film, they will own percentages in the films profits, so this means that the more successful the film is, the more money they will receive. They will have the financial support to start a business, go to university, buy property, help their families, whatever they choose.

We anticipate, regardless how the films are received, that they bring awareness to Cambodia, village kids, life in the developing world, people, etc. Love of the world as a whole.

We encourage anybody, everybody to help us spread the word on the film, lovely gazelle, love, and everything in between.

After working with many of the kids in our close knit circle we decided they need to have some sort of regular revune stream. Hence we decided to open up Crane, a non-profit coffee shop to help them realize their potentional and give them hands on training in the food and beverage industry.

They also get a % of profits and we encourage customers to tip the staff (western style).

The skills these kids have learned (customer service, cooking, barista time, sales, cleaning, management, etc) will help them in their journey of life.

We are also selling one-of-a-kind t-shirts, kroma’s, art, etc…anything that the kids create we will sell and it will be 100% profit for them. And they will be able to see the fruits of their labor, and get instant gratification from people who want to buy an original piece of Cambodia, made by a Cambodian with a mission to embrace life.

We will start a program for film and media production. We will take what we already did and make it a film school of sorts, and they will get paid a salary as they learn the tools of the trade. And the hopes are that the education and knowledge will lead to them being able to book jobs outside of Cambodia, getting western wages but living in a developing county.

Our first project from this program was a 10 minute short film/ music video. We cast all locals, out at a village on the Tonle Sap Lake, the biggest lake in south east Asia.

A percentage of all profits from film will be used to help the village.

We also paid for the local villagers to appear in the scene, as well as giving them a half ton of rice.

We will also shoot a PSA to bring awareness to the village, to help them raise money for the things the average person takes for granted; food, water, shelter, etc.

Every year at christmas time we run a rice drive to donate to the villages we have relastionhip with, over 2 tons of rice were donated in 2019 holiday season.

We also donate clothes, bikes, and rice throughout the year to again villages we have a relationship with.

This is a project, doco series we are working on that we plan on shooting all over the world in the next year.

Project Forever

We will always have a number of projects on the go, that we will periodically donate to. These projects include:
  • Education

    Supplying school uniforms and learning materials. If needs be, we can even set up a school if a particular area doesn't already have one.

  • Housing

    Helping locals with the money and manpower required to refurbish their own homes, or even rebuilding from scratch.

  • Farming

    Helping local people to acquire land and the skills they require to start a chicken or fish farm.

  • Art

    Art heals


Get Involved

We want to bring together different artists / teachers / doctors / everybody and anybody who has something to say. People from all over the world that we know, don’t know, will know. People, who can help out, make a difference outside of their normal routine in the western world. People that can use their influence, insight, and special skills to help a village, a town, a family in county they know nothing about. Help people that their main problems are things that most in the modern world take for granted. Food, clothing, shelter, freedom of expression, etc. and most of all, LOVE.

We would like to do a project or 2 every year. Like, gathering together in a remote jungle village somewhere we have never been, getting down and dirty to make a difference. A hands on experience. A hands on experience rather than just giving money, a hands on experience that makes us feel like we are people helping people with nothing in between, but blood sweat and tears. A retreat with a purpose, if you will.

Make a donation now to help us continue to make a difference.

We rely on members of the community to help us fund our projects.  Every donation helps, no matter how big or small, and it really does make a difference to the lives of those we work with.

Help, donate, whatever…just do it

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